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Investor Opportunities- Nevada O&G Exploration

Bighorn Petroleum, Inc. (BPI) is a Nevada C Corp structured to acquire and operate land leases in Nevada’s burgeoning Chainman Shale and Guillmette Formation. Initial data has estimated oil reserves at nearly 4 billion barrels, and BPI’s 11,357 acre lease on Fox Mountain is our primary focus. Read our Summary here…

About Bighorn Petroleum, Inc.

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BPI Objective Chainman Shale


Proprietary data presents compelling reason to drill 2 exploratory wells on Fox Mountain and develop 5 more in the Chainman Shale within 18 months. Contact BPI to discuss this once in a life opportunity.

Meet Dr. Chuck Laser


“Nevada has the richest largest organic mature rock source outside of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.” states Dr. Charles Laser, a 40 year veteran and wildcat in oil and gas. The Chainman Shale will prove itself in the coming years.